Jennifer Anne Affleck or widely recognized as Jennifer Garner is an American actress and film producer. She was born in Houston, Texas 17 April 1972 and began to step in an acting career in 1994 when she appeared in Shakespeare play “the merchant of vennice,” but debuted in the big screen in 2001 in “dude, where’s my car?”. That debut carried Garner into success in her next films and TV series. Garner was the star who played the character of CIA officer Sidney Bristow in ABC thriller series “alias.” That drama ended after five seasons and brought Jennifer Garner into a great achievement. For her performance, she won a Golden Globe Award. While working on Alias, she did several great roles in various genders of films. It started from the epic war film “pearl harbour,” “biographical crime “catch me if you can, superhero “dare devil” and “Electra”  to the romantic comedy “13 going on 30”.  Those movies also gained critical claims and made garner become the most shining Hollywood star. As the years go by, Garner still shows her existence in Hollywood business. From 2000 to 2015 except 2008, it is noted that she is consistent with greeting audiences through a great appearance on the big screen.

Her Sexy Lips and White Teeth Come From Surgeon’s Hand    

Recently, gossips about Jennifer Garner plastic surgery have been a hot topic as well as talks about her achievement in Hollywood industry. Like a great actress who has both stunning skill and beauty, she must lead people jealousy. When it comes to an occasion when she looks more fabulous, it’s the moment when the Jennifer Garner plastic surgery rumor began. But people have more reliable evidence than just her fabulous appearance in recent occasions. Comparing her new and previous photos, people will find that she appears with a lot of improvements. Jennifer Garner’s nose turns into a beautiful nose now. With the reduction of the bridge and some refine done, her nose appears slimmer than before. It suits well with her facial shape. As well as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner is on the list of the actress with sexy lips. She even realized they are the sexiest part on her face. However, glancing at Jennifer Garner before plastic surgery images, it can be caught that Jennifer has improved her lips since she used to have less full lips in her youth. With some filler augmented, they can appear fuller and sexier compared to Jenifer garner before lips surgery. Since it’s not overdone, she is better with her new lips. Supported with sparkling white teeth, she can utter beautiful and flattering smile. To have this great smile, some experts assume that it’s a big possibility that Jennifer garner sees dentistry surgeon. This thought is proved by Jennifer garner before and after pictures that reveal the difference in her teeth colors. They clearly state that garner’s teeth have been received plastic surgery to look whiter.

The only fact is that Jenny is more beautiful now

Having some positive changes without caring for aging is impossible for the actress. As well as most actresses, aging has become the number one enemy when their age has reached four decades. Jenifer garner is also one of the women who struggle to fight over everything making her old. Of course, Botox injection still also becomes first choice to kill her wrinkles, sagging skin. Even her method is just equal to others, but without looking closer at Jennifer garner after plastic surgery pictures, you will never say that it’s Botox. It looks glamorously smooth. More than smooth, its killing face with a natural look. People believe that Jennifer Garner has plastic surgery gracefully. She gets a lot of benefits from them, either in improving her look or helping her to stay survive in Hollywood. Knowing the spreading rumor, the actress remains silent. Not agree and not refuse. People can think whatever they want, and the actress has the right to keep them in secret, but what we believe is Jennifer garner is more beautiful today.

Mary McCormack is an American actress who has starred in several series and films. She is most remembered for her leading role in some TV series, Murder One, West Wing and In Plain Sight and films 1408, Private Part, True Crime, Deep Impact K-Pax. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, the USA on February 8, 1969, McCormack’s acting career began when she was only 12. She portrayed a character in Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera. She continued work in New Jersey while studying English and painting at Trinity College, in Harford, Connecticut. McCormack had worked in many musicals theatre and finished her acting program at the William Esper Studio before moving to New York theaters. It was noted that Mary McCormack has appeared in innumerable stage shows under several New York theatre productions. As the years go by, MC has been 45 years old actress that is also a mother of three children. Surprisingly, Commack has not aged much. She is still wonderful in her youthful face, but with some substantial change.  People guess Mary McCormack has undergone plastic surgery.

Mary McCormack Plastic Surgery — no excessive dose in her Botox injection

Regarding the young look of McCormack, several questions have been frequently uttered. One of them is, does she undergone plastic surgery to remain looking young? The actress just stayed deaf that leads people to finds it their selves. Based on the rumor, McCormack has chosen botox injection to fight over the wrinkles. People suggest that it’s most trusted answers since her facial skin looks too great to a woman in that age.  Botox has eliminated some wrinkles that are caused by the elasticity loss. Looking at her old photos we will not find anything related to the usage of Botox, but we might catch something else. McCormack was definitely gifted, beautiful skin since she was born, but in her recent pictures her facial skin, especially on her forehead and cheeks look very smooth. It seems that some wrinkles have been forced to disappear from those spots. And people conclude that it’s McCormack’s look after plastic surgery. That youthful look is not something that can be managed through only healthy lifestyle. There must be magical treatment behind it. But, it seems the actress never does it excessively that the result is quite adorable.

She still looks natural

Looking at her the look of Mary McCormack now is not enough to recognize that McCormack has done plastic surgery. Her beautiful look is still in original look. She might get the surgery very carefully with a very professional surgeon. However, when people try to compare Mary McCormack before and after surgery photos, people will notice which parts that have subtle changes. Her new lips and nose can tell that they are already improved. Her lips become more plumping, and her nose appears slimmer than it was before plastic surgery. What kind of cosmetic brands having those enhancements. They automatically answer the rumors of rhinoplasty and lip augmentation she had. Let’s just check her nose when she hasn’t been famous in McCormack before plastic surgery pictures, we can say that her nose appeared wider. And her recent photos indicate that the scalpel has cut its sides to appear slimmer and beautiful. You see, only one or two-millimeter reduction can boost her look much. While McCormack’s nose needs a  width reduction, then, her lips need a lips plumper. The actress picks fillers to her lips to make them more charming. How they are different from her lips before surgery can be observed from McCormack comparative pictures. The pictures show that there big possibility that Restylane, Juvederm and collagen have been augmented to her new lips. The result is obviously wonderful. She appears sexier when she smiles. Her current lips are fuller, fresh and so nutritious. Overall, what she McCormack Plastic Surgery can give her the best result that makes her still naturally beautiful.

Gina L Gershon is an American film, TV and stage actress, singer, author and musician. Born in Los Angeles on June 10, 1962, Gina Gershon always dreamed of becoming an actress, but she started to appear on the screen as an uncredited dancer in Beatlemania. Gina got her chance to realize her dream when she got a cameo role in The Car. Her hit was when she acted along with Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue in Cocktail. After being familiar to audiences, TV series producer started to consider her to play in drama series. And the result was not disappointing at all. She proved her acting skill when she by receiving critical reviews for her role as Nancy Sinatra in TV miniseries “Sinatra.” Gershon really enjoys her acting career. After being a film and TV actress, she also shows her skill in stage shows. And it went as she expected. In Hollywood, Gershon is known as a multitalented actress with lasting beauty. Her perfect beauty never fades away even she has been over 50. She looks like someone in her 40s. It amazing but invites some hesitation that Gina L Gershon has not visibly aged. People believe that Gina has done plastic surgery following the hottest trend of celebrities.

The visible result from invisible plastic surgery

Rumors about Gina Gershon plastic surgery started buzzing when she had her 50th birthday. She appeared in a bikini, and it was really fantastic to someone who turned to 50 to have that look. Some comments from the public stated that Gina is not aging. But, there’s no one who cannot age. They will turn into the old figure when they have stepped into the 50s. If not, it must be plastic surgery behind it. Gina’s gorgeous look is considered as the result of plastic surgery. She is suspected of fighting over her aging botox injection help. Her smooth and fresh skin in her age is the evidence of the existence of Botox Injection. Although Gin had beautiful skin when she was young, but it appears a different way. To see the difference of Gina’s look, Gina Gershon before and after surgery pictures will reveal it. In Gina after surgery pictures, she remains young, but a look of the unnatural face is noticeable, while Gina before plastic surgery really show how natural facial skin looks like. Elastic, fresh, but not too glowing. Even she never said it; her pictures can help us to catch her plastic surgery. Then, her comparative pictures tell not only her war to eliminate the sign of aging, but it also states some different aspects of her face. It’s so visible even we are not plastic surgery experts.

Some plastic surgery help her to maintain her beauty

From her winning in fighting over the wrinkles, people seem to notice that her nose, eyes, and lips are improved well. From Gina’s pictures that flood in the media, she is caught to have lips augmentation, nose job, and breparosplaty.  Even she doesn’t change much, but they did improve her look. From their nose job, she got the reduction of her nose tip, and her bridge nose appears to be higher than before. It makes her nose slimmer and beautiful. Then, can you see her smile? It’s really charming, but it a bit different when she has augmented the lips surgery. We can see her full lips also state that she has done plastic surgery. Following her way to eliminate the sign of aging, the baggy eyes should be revised. The procedure is called by blepharoplasty. It can be helpful for someone who has a bag under the eyes after aging. As well as the explanation stated, this procedure work best on Gina’s both eyes and under the eyes. Her eyes can appear wider and brighter. She even looks more wonderful compared to the young Gina. She has all the benefits of plastic surgery at once.