Jennifer Anne Affleck or widely recognized as Jennifer Garner is an American actress and film producer. She was born in Houston, Texas 17 April 1972 and began to step in an acting career in 1994 when she appeared in Shakespeare play “the merchant of vennice,” but debuted in the big screen in 2001 in “dude, where’s my car?”. That debut carried Garner into success in her next films and TV series. Garner was the star who played the character of CIA officer Sidney Bristow in ABC thriller series “alias.” That drama ended after five seasons and brought Jennifer Garner into a great achievement. For her performance, she won a Golden Globe Award. While working on Alias, she did several great roles in various genders of films. It started from the epic war film “pearl harbour,” “biographical crime “catch me if you can, superhero “dare devil” and “Electra”  to the romantic comedy “13 going on 30”.  Those movies also gained critical claims and made garner become the most shining Hollywood star. As the years go by, Garner still shows her existence in Hollywood business. From 2000 to 2015 except 2008, it is noted that she is consistent with greeting audiences through a great appearance on the big screen.

Her Sexy Lips and White Teeth Come From Surgeon’s Hand    

Recently, gossips about Jennifer Garner plastic surgery have been a hot topic as well as talks about her achievement in Hollywood industry. Like a great actress who has both stunning skill and beauty, she must lead people jealousy. When it comes to an occasion when she looks more fabulous, it’s the moment when the Jennifer Garner plastic surgery rumor began. But people have more reliable evidence than just her fabulous appearance in recent occasions. Comparing her new and previous photos, people will find that she appears with a lot of improvements. Jennifer Garner’s nose turns into a beautiful nose now. With the reduction of the bridge and some refine done, her nose appears slimmer than before. It suits well with her facial shape. As well as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner is on the list of the actress with sexy lips. She even realized they are the sexiest part on her face. However, glancing at Jennifer Garner before plastic surgery images, it can be caught that Jennifer has improved her lips since she used to have less full lips in her youth. With some filler augmented, they can appear fuller and sexier compared to Jenifer garner before lips surgery. Since it’s not overdone, she is better with her new lips. Supported with sparkling white teeth, she can utter beautiful and flattering smile. To have this great smile, some experts assume that it’s a big possibility that Jennifer garner sees dentistry surgeon. This thought is proved by Jennifer garner before and after pictures that reveal the difference in her teeth colors. They clearly state that garner’s teeth have been received plastic surgery to look whiter.

The only fact is that Jenny is more beautiful now

Having some positive changes without caring for aging is impossible for the actress. As well as most actresses, aging has become the number one enemy when their age has reached four decades. Jenifer garner is also one of the women who struggle to fight over everything making her old. Of course, Botox injection still also becomes first choice to kill her wrinkles, sagging skin. Even her method is just equal to others, but without looking closer at Jennifer garner after plastic surgery pictures, you will never say that it’s Botox. It looks glamorously smooth. More than smooth, its killing face with a natural look. People believe that Jennifer Garner has plastic surgery gracefully. She gets a lot of benefits from them, either in improving her look or helping her to stay survive in Hollywood. Knowing the spreading rumor, the actress remains silent. Not agree and not refuse. People can think whatever they want, and the actress has the right to keep them in secret, but what we believe is Jennifer garner is more beautiful today.