Gina L Gershon is an American film, TV and stage actress, singer, author and musician. Born in Los Angeles on June 10, 1962, Gina Gershon always dreamed of becoming an actress, but she started to appear on the screen as an uncredited dancer in Beatlemania. Gina got her chance to realize her dream when she got a cameo role in The Car. Her hit was when she acted along with Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue in Cocktail. After being familiar to audiences, TV series producer started to consider her to play in drama series. And the result was not disappointing at all. She proved her acting skill when she by receiving critical reviews for her role as Nancy Sinatra in TV miniseries “Sinatra.” Gershon really enjoys her acting career. After being a film and TV actress, she also shows her skill in stage shows. And it went as she expected. In Hollywood, Gershon is known as a multitalented actress with lasting beauty. Her perfect beauty never fades away even she has been over 50. She looks like someone in her 40s. It amazing but invites some hesitation that Gina L Gershon has not visibly aged. People believe that Gina has done plastic surgery following the hottest trend of celebrities.

The visible result from invisible plastic surgery

Rumors about Gina Gershon plastic surgery started buzzing when she had her 50th birthday. She appeared in a bikini, and it was really fantastic to someone who turned to 50 to have that look. Some comments from the public stated that Gina is not aging. But, there’s no one who cannot age. They will turn into the old figure when they have stepped into the 50s. If not, it must be plastic surgery behind it. Gina’s gorgeous look is considered as the result of plastic surgery. She is suspected of fighting over her aging botox injection help. Her smooth and fresh skin in her age is the evidence of the existence of Botox Injection. Although Gin had beautiful skin when she was young, but it appears a different way. To see the difference of Gina’s look, Gina Gershon before and after surgery pictures will reveal it. In Gina after surgery pictures, she remains young, but a look of the unnatural face is noticeable, while Gina before plastic surgery really show how natural facial skin looks like. Elastic, fresh, but not too glowing. Even she never said it; her pictures can help us to catch her plastic surgery. Then, her comparative pictures tell not only her war to eliminate the sign of aging, but it also states some different aspects of her face. It’s so visible even we are not plastic surgery experts.

Some plastic surgery help her to maintain her beauty

From her winning in fighting over the wrinkles, people seem to notice that her nose, eyes, and lips are improved well. From Gina’s pictures that flood in the media, she is caught to have lips augmentation, nose job, and breparosplaty.  Even she doesn’t change much, but they did improve her look. From their nose job, she got the reduction of her nose tip, and her bridge nose appears to be higher than before. It makes her nose slimmer and beautiful. Then, can you see her smile? It’s really charming, but it a bit different when she has augmented the lips surgery. We can see her full lips also state that she has done plastic surgery. Following her way to eliminate the sign of aging, the baggy eyes should be revised. The procedure is called by blepharoplasty. It can be helpful for someone who has a bag under the eyes after aging. As well as the explanation stated, this procedure work best on Gina’s both eyes and under the eyes. Her eyes can appear wider and brighter. She even looks more wonderful compared to the young Gina. She has all the benefits of plastic surgery at once.

The rumors about Gwyneth Paltrow plastic surgery have become a truth since she has admitted that she has Botox injected. She reveals the fact about the employment of cosmetic procedure to construct her youthful look. This American actress and singer will be 43 years old on this 27 September, but she remains very fresh and sexy. Paltrow, who attracted viewers’ attention when she portrayed violla De Lesseps in romantic comedy Shakespeare In Love realizes that her body and face are her main asset to stay stunning in Hollywood business where she has earned million dollars, no wonder that she make some improvement on her assets to make them always perfect. Her perfect assets combined with her skill has achieved innumerable recognition throughout her appearances in numerous films and TV series. They are Golden Globe Award, Saturn Award, People Choice Award, Primetime Emmy Award, etc.  However, her perfect look after her confession of botox injection also brings positive and negative reviews among her fanatics. Some people feel that Paltrow is honestly talking about her plastic surgery, while many gossipers believe that Gwyneth Paltrow has undergone not only Botox injection but also other plastic surgeries.

She Felt Crazy of Botox Like Joan Rivers

It’s not a secret that Gwyneth Paltrow is one of most celebrities that worry so much about being aged. She even tried Botox that is trusted as the best way to eliminate signs of aging like wrinkle and sagging skin. But, following her confession of her relation to Botox injection, she delivered her regret. In her statement, she openly said that Botox made her crazy like Joan Rivers. However, seeing her facial skin after Botox injection, no indication of Joan Rivers’ look or craziness of botox. It seems Botox works well to eliminating her wrinkles, but it did eliminate her natural smile. She looks a bit unnatural. It might be the reason why she regretted her botox and swore that she would not do it anymore. While she admitted the botox injection, she seemed to hide other plastic surgeries she had. In an interview with some magazines in 2011, she stated that she might run into breasts job to get a revision after breastfeeding. So, it’s a big possibility that she would undergo breasts job. Facing her confession and statement, the public actually found some plastic surgeries that have been done by Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow before and after surgery pictures that have been uploaded to the media regarding a trending topic after her confession show that she also do a nose job, breast job, and eye job. Gwyneth Paltrow after plastic surgery picture obviously shows that she is much different than before surgery.

Waiting for the second confession

When most celebrities run into breast augmentation, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to do the other way around. She was reported to reduce her cup size. It meant that Gwyneth Paltrow after surgery should have smaller breast than before surgery. The breast reduction seems to occur after breastfeeding. Beside reducing, the procedure also lifted her breasts that result in smaller breast but it tighter and lifted. It’s clearly shown by the recent photos of Gwyneth Paltrow after surgery. We can see that there is a wide spot for her chest that means that her cup turned into smaller. It’s not common surgery for the actress but it quite understandable since she had sagging breast cup after breastfeeding. Another opinion about her different cup size on her photos is that Gwyneth Paltrow big breasts are not her original size, but they were bigger due to her pregnancy. So, when they were smaller after breastfeeding, it isn’t surprising thing. Moving up from her breast reduction rumor, she is also suspected of doing nose jobs. From Gwyneth Paltrow after surgery pictures, her nose change has been caught by the camera as an aspect that makes her look different. Her previous nose in Gwyneth Paltrow before plastic surgery pictures appeared bigger if it is compared to the new one, but some gossips implied that her nose job was conducted years before botox shoots. The last speculation circulating among media is Gwyneth Paltrow eyes job. It may be less obvious, but when we look closer and closer, her bright vision seems to be the result of plastic surgery. When the baggy skins under eyes are removed, she did show wider and fresher eyes. This is what we think; we do not know the facts. Cannot wait for her second confession.