Charity Sails

Charity Sails

We offer three free charity sails a year as a give-back to our local, national, and world communities.   In past years, charity sails have been offered to:

  • Hudson Harbor Preservation Association
  • Intrepid Air and Sea Museum
  • Riverside Park Fund
  • NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
  • NY Mercantile Exchange Children’s Fund
  • Carnegie Foundation
  • Race For The Cure
  • Hospice
  • 9/11 Families

.The free charters are used for raffles, silent auctions, high-roller contributor sails, incentive awards, a thank you, staff rewards and bereavements.

To nominate your charity, send us an e-mail containing the charity’s website,  reasons why the charity should be selected and how the charity sail will be used.

The three charity sails for 2004 are:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Society
  2. Wednesday’s Child
  3. Make-A-Wish Foundation